LURKING IN THE DARK/WINTER  2002                                                                                                                                     ISSUE 4


                                                                                                                                      By VSGal
 The editor and I took a break from “Voyeuring” to go to the first Gallery Hop of 2002.  We had a total blast! 

     Paul Robinett, the owner of my favorite candle store, 7 Buttles, greeted us as we walked in.  I was looking to buy some candles for my boyfriend.  Paul’s store has a wall covered with Polaroids of his happy customers.  They write little messages, thank you notes, and the titles of their favorite scents on the picture.  To be inducted into the 7 Buttles hall of fame is a great honor.  Well, tonight was our lucky night.  Paul was raving about our outfits and asked if we would be in a Polaroid shot.  As often as I’d visited his store, he had never asked me to pose for a Polaroid for his wall.   Well I was all for it!!  You’ll have to actually visit the shop at Seven Buttles Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43215, to read what we wrote on our Polaroid. 

“Oh of course Paul!  The pleasure is all ours!   We’d LOVE
to pose for a picture for your wall.”  The Editor and VSGal
Photo by Paul Robinett
After this visit, we skipped on up High Street looking in windows, taking pictures here and there.  The Editor took a lovely picture of the window display at ON PAPER.  There were lots of RED things here too.  However, it was extremely warm in this shop, and we were bundled up for the cold, so we went back outside shortly thereafter.
Photo by Dreama


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