LURKING IN THE DARK/WINTER  2002                                                                                                                                     ISSUE 4

vsgal & the happy HOP, pg 2
By VSGal
    Suddenly, we heard music coming from some outdoor speakers up the street.  We had to investigate!  It turns out CATCO (Contemporary American Theatre Company), was giving away free gift bags to promote their upcoming play hedwig & the angry INCH. This play is also a movie, which was recently nominated for a Golden Globe, so you might even be able to rent it at Blockbuster in the near future.  For those of you who are not familiar with this story, Hedwig is a man who underwent a botched sex change and was left with naught but an angry inch.  You figure it out… I’ll wait until that sinks in… 
Flyer by CATCO
Text by John Cameron Mitchell.
Music and lyrics by Stephen Trask.
January 15 - February 20
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     The performers of the CATCO version of “Hedwig” were giving an awesome singing performance with a live band in an art gallery located just south of Axis nightclub.  This was my first time being exposed to Hedwig and I had no idea what to expect.  I saw a man, in a nice suit, but in full drag makeup, and a blond wig. 

He was singing his heart out about his “angry inch,” while a girl (with short black hair, wearing a black mini-skirt, a blue sleeveless shirt, and sporting a “Get Hed” tattoo on her arm) harmonized with him in a few parts.
Photo by Dreama

Photo by Dreama
Behind them, a band was jamming full tilt.  I wandered around to the back of the gallery, to get a better view of them all, and noticed someone was also running a soundboard.  Talk about some heavy equipment!  WOW!  We were impressed!  The man who portrayed Hedwig, had her mannerisms down, her attitude was perfect, and I felt as if I were watching the real Hedwig, not just an actor portraying her.  I was being sucked into the drama, into the story, into the music.  It totally ROCKED!  Their group had REAL talent!  This wasn’t amateur night, this was the real shit!

 When The Editor and I had taken all the pictures we could ever want, we left the gallery, our voyeuristic appetites sated…Well, maybe for the moment. 


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