SKELETONS: 1000 WORDS POSTED/SUMMER  2001                                                                                                 ISSUE 3

DIGGIN' UP BONES, by Caroline
Photos by Dreama

Hey Dreama!  Well, you said you were no good at doing interviews so I decided 
to interview myself!!!!  It was kinda fun, actually, I pictured two mes and 
one of them asking questions and looking sincere and nodding occasionally 
and the other one trying to be casual...

Me:  So, Caroline, tell me about your interests, your hobbies...  What are your 

Me:  Well, there are many things I like to do.  I think of my self as multi-faceted,
        (not multi-talented because I am not good at everything I do.)  I play guitar as
        often as I can. Guitar is a therapy for me.  I play it when things are going bad 
        and I need to burn tension and I play it when I feel good to expand the good 
        feelings.  I also like to paint and draw, currently I am painting a picture of a
        gryphon..  Art is one of my favourite things to do whther it is visual, audio,
        or even literary.

Me:  Rumour has it that you are going to be in
a music video, can you tell me about it?

Me:  Yes I was cast for the front row of crowd 
shots before Joe (J. Joseph Salyer) even met me. 
It was funny, I think it was simply because I am 
Canadian.  It was a great surprise, Chad told me 
that we were going to his friend's band's gig and 
that was it.  When we arrived I realized it was for 
a video and they threw me up front.  They said
I should be famous by August 5th.


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