SKELETONS: 1000 WORDS POSTED/SUMMER  2001                                                                                                 ISSUE 3

DIGGIN' BONES, by Caroline
page 2, photos by Dreama
Me:  Hhhmmm thats very interesting.  Now tell me how did you get into archaeology
        and how do you feel about it?

Me:  Well, actually I decided to go into archaeology long before I even understood
        what it was.  I was 5 yrs old and my Dad rented Indiana jones and the Raiders
        of the Lost Ark.  Unbeknowsnt to my parents I watched from behind the sofa.
        Although the tarantulas scared me I thought it was the most exciting thing
        I had ever seen.  Even after I realized archaeology isn't all guns, whips and
        fighting nazis I still wanted to do it.  Archaeology is the most interesting
        thing I have encountered in my life, its all I've ever wanted to do.  I find it
        highly addictive and akin to gamblilng.  You never know what you are gonna
        find and any level YOU could make the find of the century.

Canada Gurl, Chad and Jim pour beer overbrautworst, a custom 
at Chad's barbeques.

Me:  So, I noticed Jim and Chad 
bug you about your native heritage,
does it play an important part of your

Me:  In many ways, yes.  I grew up in 
a primarily European based population, 
my father was adopted into an english 
family so I really never got a chance to 
learn anything about my people.  Now 
that I have been going to university on 
the reserve I have learned alot about
native culture in general.  The people 
in BC are especially fascinating, so
much of the traditions make so much
sense. It is a very giving and community
orientedbased on helping yourself 
and others. I know it sounds
wishywashy but it gives you a
wonderful sense of belonging.


Me:  I'd like to hear about your fishing expeditions.

Me:  Nothing much to say really, I haven't caught a fish in YEARS and this year 
        I've caught maybe 20.  The largest one I've caught yet this year is a 14 inch 
        dolly varden trout.  I was so proud until 10 minutes later my stepbrother 
        caught an 18 inch 3 pounder, lil brat!

Editor Dreama and Canada Gurl discuss the mysterious pocket on Dreama's shirt. Even an innocent barbeque can become a fashion frenzy.

Me:  Have you ever been hit by lightning?

Me:  No, but I've come close a couple times.  Both within about ten feet.  I 
        have a high magnetic and electrical field, which basically means electricity 
        loves me!  I can't use some lamps because everytime I touch them the light 
        bulb burns out.  Certain types of displays on VCRs and stuff like that are 
        magnetically based or something and I turn those little screens black 
        sometimes.  I just consider it a sensible precaution to stay inside during a 

Me:  Have you ever heard that song 
by Randy Travis?

Me:  No

Thanks, Canada Gurl, come back
now, y' hear?? ~Dreama 




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