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The boy can't help it...leave him alone for a couple of hours and Joel will be dreaming up a hot fantasy in no time.  This time he is seduced by a mysterious woman who looks awfully familiar.  Could it be?? Nah, no way...



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INTHENEWS -  It is with a heavy heart and empty pockets
that we must announce that this is the final issue of The
Voyeur Mag.  After 12 fun filled years we will be closing our doors forever.  Though, it has been fun as of late we find ourselves talking to the air.  The time put into the magazine versus the response received is extremely unbalanced.  As well as the money spent for costumes, gas, and travel, along with no compensation for the contributors.  For this I am moving our efforts and funding to other areas. 

Do not fret.  The Voyeur is not dead.  This opens up more time and opportunity for fashion design, photo projects, art collaboration, video work, and the long awaited day Joel takes the stage.  And we mustn't forget about the upcoming movie, Sex, Lies & Joel Voyeur that will resume filming come Spring 2012.  So, this is really not the end at all it is only the beginning.  This page will always be open for event updates, misadventures, and video debuts! Stay tuned and turned on my darlings.

UPCOMINGEVENTS! - If you liked Joel Voyeur, Esq. you will love what we have up our sleeve now.  Sex, Lies & Joel Voyeur is in phase two.  Filming will resume in April and will be completed by October. 

Also in the works is Joel's Radio Show, The V-Log, hosted by the heartbreaker himself, Joel Voyeur.  This should be interesting!

Stay tuned for upcoming trailers and announcements. 

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Nothing else can wet your appetite more than the beautiful Viva Valezz!  You may have seen her on the Burlesque circuit performing with her wonderful Velvet Hearts but you ain't seen nothing yet!

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