This magazine encourages articulate opinions and eclectic views on
Fashion, Art (or Art of), and Politics or how they are related to.

We accept submissions at anytime.  Please send them to:


Article themes are as follows:
(Note: These are section titles, you will have to have a main title pertaining to your
article.)  All articles (except THE DEVIANTS) should be 400 - 700 words.

        THE DEVIANTS - Letters to the Editor, Editorials and Editorial Cartoons/art etc. 
        Obviously should be short and concise. These are directed at the viewer but writers are welcome to
        submit questions.

        SOME OF US ARE WATCHING - This is a spotlight on a celebrity, like John Waters, Ewen McGregor,
        or RuPaul.  Focusing on very famous people and how they influence our society namely in Fashion, Art
        &/or Politics.  The less famous people, like Jesus (the guy who hangs out down town on the corner) are
        candidates for "Skeletons 1000 Words Posted" or even "Going Underground" if they have an intriguing

THE ANALYSIS OF OUR ATTENTIONS - Music, Movie, and Ad reviews.  We are working toward exposing the viewers to the less popular music and movies. Everyone has seen South Park and Star Wars and heard Ricky Martin's songs whether they wanted to or not.  Remember when South Park was in The Sick and Twisted Festival?  That's what we're looking for.  We are looking for all different types to enlighten and educate.  Ad Reviews - if you see something really funny or it just bugs you capture it and report on it.

- A sort of "Live in the Hive" type thing. You become the Voyeur and travel to dance clubs, bars, gallery hop, basically, anything where there might be a lot of people, energy and noise.  Get photos, sound if possible and talk about it.  

        GOING UNDERGROUND - This is the gallery of the Voyeur.  This may be a band, art exhibit,
        festival (community festival-good example), local fashion show.  Basically, those local things that no
        one sees.

        SKELETONS: 1000 BONES POSTED - This is an interview with a non-famous person who has not
        received any recognition recently, and lives the everyday drone that everyone else does.  You must
        come up with probing questions to make them interesting.  Everyone's life is interesting to them and
        those they know.  Most everyone has hobbies and little talents that may never be recognized.  Make
        them recognizable; give them their 15 minutes. 

THE INTELLECTUAL VOID - This is a review of books.  You know the old dusty, dirty, stinky, moldy things you find on lonely shelves in what were once libraries but now have become places for teens to surf the net?  Reviews of the classics, poetry, and stories you grew up on in a fashionable, artsy, and political way.  You may also submit your own poetry, art, and fiction.

         ...these are the essential categories of the magazine.  This is where the main articles will go.
        Make them colossal, 1000-2000 visually stimulating words, unless you can compensate with great
        pictures.  If the articles in the above list are big enough they may end up here.  

        Lots of Photos:  This is a visual magazine.  Do not rely on text alone. Articles should  be submitted with
        several photos.  All photos should be taken as creatively as possible.  You do not have to be a
        professional photographer to make a photo interesting. 

        THE IMAGE OF THE MODELAll models must be 18 years or older.  We are also working to break 
        society’s mold of  "beautiful." Please know our models can be any size, color, shape, sex, et cetera.

         Everyone is welcome to submit an article for any category.

         The Voyeur is trying to achieve an equilibrium of viewers.  For this reason we will attempt, to the best
         of our abilities, to give equal coverage to positive groups: all sexes, views, et cetera.  We are
         working toward education not degradation, keep that in mind.  I will have the final say of what stays
         and goes in the magazine.  If your article is not chosen for one issue it might be saved for another. 
         Please have fun, be creative, and stay open-minded.

         I will do the same.

        Good Luck & Thank You!   

                                             Dreama Cleaver, The Editor


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