What will happen when Joel Voyeur trespasses on someone's
farmland?  Will he come out smelling like roses?  Or cow patties?


hort for Synergy Festival.  Find out what goes on behind the doors of this brand new blast of Columbus.  Finally, a place for the underground to network, mingle, and show off their dark arts.



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INTHENEWS -  First in the news, The Voyeur's first docucomedy
is ready to view on our YouTube channel dreama74.  For those of you
joining us for the first time Joel Voyeur, Esq. is a full length film about
what goes on behind the scenes here at The Voyeur.  I gave Joel a
simple video assignment and all Hell broke loose in his life!!  Meanwhile, I documented events around Columbus.  We had a
pretty big cast so you don't want to miss it!! 

Another big event, and a very sorrowful one, we had to say goodbye
to our beloved Blue.  He had a long healthy life and all the nibbles a
kitty could ask for so in our sorrow we still celebrate good memories.
He was a big part of the magazine, even though it was mostly behind
the scenes.  There was not an issue made where he did not sit on my
lap and try to help.  Except this one.  He often made appearances in
our photo shoots.  He was also a guest in Joel Voyeur, Esq. so make
sure to stay on the look out for his big scenes.  He will be greatly missed by more than just us.  Though a small and quiet cat, he had many many friends.


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Featured in Joel Voyeur, Esq. and
Boots, Chaps & Cowboy Hats' trailer
(available Oct. 3, 2010), this singer
songwriter will play you a tune that
keeps you humming for years.

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