He really didn't know what hit him.
Check out Joel's account of how he landed a stint in the pokey!!


Who said being a prisoner was so bad? Addiction, Guilt, the Girls of Atlanta share their darkest secrets. These photos are so full of scandal they make Joel want to go back to prison.

Walk with VSGal to the heart of Atlanta, Georgia where
she finds a group of amazing young Fashion Designers
and their teacher, E. Vincent Martinez.  This is no ordinary
class.  It's the only fashion course offered at a high school
in the entire nation.  And we have the exclusive interview
right here!


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Our boy is back!!  And boy is he pissed. 

Life at the circus was not all cotton candy and popcorn balls was it, Joel?

Ah, but would our boy be as interesting without a little trouble trailing behind him?  
"Dear Warden...
You were right. Salvation lies within."
~Andy Dufresne

INTHENEWS -  Life's a little slack around here since we've been filming the big movie!  Oh yeah!  Hard to juggle everything but with Joel's new circus skills it's coming along okay.  There are a few more articles to add over the run of this issue and I accidently deleted my work on the INDEX so that is a check back occasionally.  Or join our MAILING LIST and we will let you know when it updates.  We are still desperate for writers so if you have time we would love to give you an assignment!!  Before I go back to college in September I hope to have T-Shirts added to our store and our Cafe Press store up and running.  All the money from this will go straight to our "Voyeur Fund" as Joel likes to call it.  It does cost to attend events and travel to exotic places, as well as costuming and such!!  Plus, still hoping for those photo lights!!  We have had some great ideas thrown into the pot so keep those coming!

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