VSGal and ETrain are at it again.  See what they are getting into this time with guest appearances by Alex & Eric...I always knew those girls were up to no good!
I bet you never knew there was an amazing and talented Burlesque troupe right here in Columbus, Ohio!  Words can't even describe all the hard work, creativity and fun that goes into putting on a show like this.  Hear it straight from Ms. Viva Valezz! (and then wipe off your brow because these ladies will leave you sweatin'.

Walk with VSGal to the heart of Atlanta, Georgia where
she finds a group of amazing young Fashion Designers
and their teacher, E. Vincent Martinez.  This is no ordinary
class.  It's the only fashion course offered at a high school
in the entire nation.  And we have the exclusive interview
right here!

Finally, KEYHOLE has arrived!!  Joel has been promising this addition for I don't know how long! But it was worth the wait.  Check out our new Men's Fashion section with articles to match.  And remember, all you guys out there checkin' out our ladies...we're lookin' for you now!
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Yes, it's true.  Our one and only boy, Joel, went and joined the circus!  I guess he just wanted a change.  I'm not sure when he is coming back or even if he is coming back but that won't stop the next issue.  Already, I have started writing and setting up interviews.  We've got a lot of work ahead of us if we want to get it out by July.  If you are interested in writing please
Greetings from Iowa...
Joels says, "A nice lady named Julie took this for me."
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Taylor Mead of Andy Warhol's Superstars lived in Columbus, Ohio on Winner Avenue when he was four years old.  He went to the Columbus Academy around 1930.  There have been some amazing houses in that area and lots of history.  Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to take photos, or find photos, write poetry or do some drawings of this area.  If you have difficulty finding info, or live somewhere other than Ohio, you can always be creative and come up with something inspired by the 1930's, it's a free for all! 

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Joel Voyeur will do just about anything to keep
things interesting.  This time he's not only got
a great concert to tell you about but he's made
up for the photos he wasn't allowed to take.  A
little good music can make him do all sorts of

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