DOWNUNDERURBANHEAT2008                                                                                                                                       ISSUE 9

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            I have read he sounds like Darren Hayes and Daft Punk but when I listen to Nelson Clemente’s debut album, 6th Perception, I think of Whitetown.

            It is a sound that is mysterious.  It puts you in that deep place of the mind that lets you see things just beyond.  I imagine empty, rainy streets at night when the sun’s heat has burned the pavement all day.  The air is thick and humid and it’s that one song you hear coming out of the club down the street that draws you in.  And you go, if only for a minute, because you know it’s a song worth listening to.   

            My hook was "It’s All My Fault."  It drew me in with electrified vocals then hit me hard with a rumbling bass.  “I’ll break my bones against the wall” was the lyric that made it all worthwhile.    

            So what happens when you find a song that rolls off your tongue then follows you around town and haunts your dreams at night?    

You follow it to Australia and find out where you can get more.

Okay, I didn’t go to Australia…but Nelson Clemente resides in Perth and this is The Voyeur’s very first interview outside of the United States. 

And my intuition tells me that the album 6th Perception is the first of many to come.  It's dark, it's electric and, like him, just a little bit steamy...



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