GOING UNDERGROUND/WINTER  2002                                                                                                                                     ISSUE 4

hedwig & the angry INCH, pg 2
By Joel

     Upon entering the theatre, Ziggy Stardust, Iggy Pop and Frank Furter
(above photos) were amoung the many 1970’s glam rock star pictures on display.  From what I knew of hedwig & the angry INCH, I thought this play was to be a travesty of thick makeup and cross-dressing humor… and that it was.

     ...until Hedwig began to tell her story. 

     Born in Berlin before the wall came down, Hanzel’s only dream was to find true love.  Like everyone else, he felt that there was one person out there who fit just right with him.  It was this notion that brought him to his predicament of the angry inch. 

     But, it was not only the botched sex change that angered Hedwig, but a botched love affair.  Which left him lonely and confused and searching again for the one who fit. 

     When Hedwig met Tommy Gnosis, it wasn’t long before he realized that Tommy was indeed the one.  But, once again, it was his sex that sabotaged the connection and Hedwig becomes not only angered, but truly heart broken. 


So you think only a woman
can truly love a man.
Then you buy me the dress
I'll be more woman
than a man like you can stand.
I'll be your Venus on a chocolate clam shell
rising on a sea of marshmallow foam and if you got some sugar for me,
Sugar Daddy, bring it home.

Song written by Stephen Trask

Prancing around in a Dolly Parton wig and denim dress, Jeff Skowron who plays Hedwig, definitely is not an amateur...or even local.  According to the CATCO program, he has played in The Lion King on Broadway (Ed, Timon, Zazu), Beauty and the Beast (Lefou), High Society (Stanley); Off Broadway:  Zombie Prom (Josh);  Television: costarring roles in ABC's Mary and Rhoda, Law and Order, and the voice of Chuck in Nickelodeon's cartoon pilot Cecile and Her Very Own Universe;  Film: costar in Mark Hammer's The Last Goodbye.