LURKING IN THE DARK/SUMMER  2001                                                                                                                                          ISSUE 3

CHA! CHA! CHA!, by VSGal
Photos by Dreama

 Where can you find food, dancing, balloons, maracas, pan flutes, salsa music, silk scarves, leather goods, sterling silver jewelry, ponchos and hand-stitched dresses?  The Festival Latino of course! 

          The Festival Latino took place in Bicentennial Park of downtown Columbus.  It was much smaller than the Art Festival of the previous week, however the prices were much more reasonable. 
          Silk/cotton hand-embroidered dresses, hanging seductively in a corner booth, beckoned to me.  The dresses fit better than the clothing I had seen at the Art Festival and I was very impressed. 

One size fits all, yet 2 strings gathered in the back of each dress, to cinch the waist, accentuating the figure and pulling the material tight over the breasts.  I have only seen dresses like these in Colorado and, now, here. I was not about to lose out on such a rare opportunity.  No one would have a dress identical to mine. The dresses are unique.  I bought 2 silk/cotton hand-embroidered dresses for $35 each, a steal for such workmanship! 

Left/Right...VSGal models two beautifully tailored dresses she purchased at the Latino Festival in Columbus, Ohio.



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