FASHION/OCTOBER                                                                                                                                                                                                 2000 

Lovely Leather
By Vsgal

Why Leather?

Leather Lasts Longer
         Leather will last you a lot longer than your jeans, your cotton blends, and your khaki’s put together.  Provided, of course, that you take CARE of your leather properly.  Thus is the beauty of leather.  Yes, leather comes in many funky colors, designs, and prints, however based on the fact it might outlive even YOU, I suggest sticking to the classic black, brown, or tan colors. 

It Grows On You
         Leather pants fresh from the store might not feel quite right.  However, the more you wear them, the better they will feel.  They will hug your curves and creases, and become another layer of your skin.  Mmm . . . sexy! 

Leather = Luxury
         You may not be a millionaire, but you’ll feel like a million bucks when you wear leather.  Want to pick up a sugar-daddy?  Strut your stuff in your leather!

         Ever wanted to spruce up your favorite shirt to impress the guys at the office?  Match it with a sexy pair of leather pants.  Need an outfit to clubbing in?  Grab a pair of leather pants and a halter-top.  Want something warm to wear over your evening gown for the Opera?  Melt into a leather maxi-coat.  Want to go horseback riding with your sweetheart?  Get a leather fringe jacket and suede pants.  Leather goes everywhere!  It all depends on the look you are sporting that day. 

How do I keep it looking HOT?

Proper Pampering
        To pamper your leather properly, one must hang it with a thick wood hanger.  Thin metal or plastic hangers tend to make unpleasant bulges in the leather, and in extreme cases may even puncture your precious commodity.  To fold one’s leather pants is a sacrilege!  Folded leather, left alone for an exorbitant amount of time, will acquire permanent creases.  It is best if you don’t spray any perfumes or chemicals directly on your leather.  This will cause nasty “side effects” and may mar the surface.  Also, professional leather cleaning is recommended when your leather gets a little dirty.  Don’t try to clean it yourself.  Trust me, it isn’t worth the risk.

Where can I get it?
         I went shopping for the perfect pair of leather pants.  None of that “pleather” stuff for me, I wanted the REAL DEAL.  I started at Express.  They had two styles of leather pants, hip-hugger-boot cut style, and 5-pocket jean style.  For my shape, the hip-hugger-boot cut style stole my heart.  Both styles were selling for $178.  However, I hadn’t shopped around and done my usual price checks.  I ran down the mall to Wilson’s Leather.  They had the same styles as Express, however their pants fit differently.  I found the 5-pocket jean style to be a bit more snug, yet the hip-hugger-boot cut style was a lot more roomy in the backside!  The price was the same, so I had faith in my Express purchase.  Just to be safe, I jogged over to The Gap.  The Gap had only one style of leather pants in stock, the 5-pocket jean style.  I tried on 3 different sizes and none of them pleased me.  Also, their leather had a filmy chemical on it that made my hands smell a bit strange.  The price, again, was the same.  In the Victoria’s Secret catalogs, their pants sell for $189, so overall I was VERY satisfied with my Express purchase. 

Frugal Fashion Finder
         For the frugal fashion finder, I recommend shopping at Schottensteins, Plato’s closet, or a Thrift Store.  I have not seen leather pants at any of the discounts stores, such as Wal-Mart or Target.  If you are not picky about imitation products and feel like sporting “pleather” or vinyl there are other stores to shop at.  Contempo Casuals, The Rave, Deb, and even Wal-Mart and Meijer carry “pleather” for your convenience.  The price drops dramatically when you get away from the genuine leather products.

Vsgal’s  Various Picks

Victoria’s Secret

$498    $450    $475     $189





The Gap

     $178         $99 
            (on sale online)