THE INTELLECTUAL VOID/SPRING 2001                                                                                                  ISSUE 2

page 2
The Guardian...

I wait.
I wait for my love to pass.
She cannot see me, for I am a ghost to all that might.
I wait for her because I looked into her eyes one night and was lost forever.  Words cannot tell of the beauty and pain in those eyes, the broken dreams that only I know of. 
She moves thru the night with a feline grace and power so that all who see her hold her in awe.  Her beautiful hands gesture as she speaks, igniting a passion in my soul that burns through me. 

I am the guardian of her life, pledged to keep her safe forever. 
At night, alone she weeps for loves lost, or maybe just the injustice of life that tries to keep her from her dreams.
As she sleeps I hold her gently, the night will bring no unhappiness to this room for I will grind his bones to dust if he dare try. 
The day comes, a farewell kiss and I am gone…
To wait again...forever...