FASHION/ SPRING  2001                                                                                                                                ISSUE 2

I cannot say I was not surprised with the responses I incurred when asking men to model my high fashion faboo men’s dresses from the Jareth Wolfgang Collection.

"Dresses made exclusively for men!"  I said, "You will not be doing drag, you do not have to wear make up or put on high heels... though you may if you want to...It's not about gender, baby!!  It's about fashion!"

But it is hard to convince many men, contrary to popular belief, despite their sexual preference to put on a dress--whether it be designed for a woman or a man.  Regardless of how faboo this taboo may be, some men get appalled when asked to wear anything that allows their "manhood" to hang free and vulnerable.  To put a dress on a man is just short of calling him a sissy, a servant, a lesser human being, in other words, to be put in the same class as a woman and who the Hell wants to be there?
This is filmmaker 
J. Joseph Salyer,
who looks and feels damn good in a skirt!!
He is wearing 
from the Jareth Wolfgang 
This garment was inspired by the freedom of America, where everyone is protected by law to engage in freedom of expression.  That means all sexes, races, religions, etc. may wear what they want and walk about freely. 

THE AMERICAN BOY skirt is made with machine washable fabrics to fit a busy lifestyle.  All Jareth Wolfgang skirts and dresses have a button or zipper fly and are designed to fit men comfortably.  They can be worn with boxers, spandex, briefs or whatever suits the man who wears them.
The Jareth Wolfgang Collection has skirts and dresses for all lifestyles of men.  Casual, formal, work or play, whatever the occasion we can design something for you. 

Thank you to J. JOSEPH SALYER for a wonderful modeling job. 

His current film projects include...

Goodluck Mr. Salyer...hope to see you again soon!



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