POLITICS/SPRING 2001                                                                                                                                  ISSUE 2

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Warhol on the couch in The Factory, 1965. 
Taken from THE VELVET YEARS 1965-1967, Warhol's Factory.
Photo by Stephen Shore

From here Warhol exploded onto the pop scene.  He continued to paint, allowing for the occasional retirement from which he always returned, create films (some 50 films throughout the 60's and 70's), and expand his hold on pop culture.  Perhaps one of his greatest artistic achievements was 
the multimeadia show he created for The Velvet Underground.  Titled the Exploding Plastic Inevitable it occurred in the spring of 1966.  It was an audio-visual assault on the senses.  A tangled web of lights, Warhol movie clips, elaborate staging, crazed dancers, and The Velvet Underground at center stage.  Its ferocity was stunning, a savage yet amazing commentary on pop culture. 

His persona became so popular that events paid people to 
impersonate him for lectures, though of course as we can see from Warhol's work fame is not golden.  In 1968 he almost died from a gun shot fired by one his followers, Valerie Solanis.
Photo by Richard Avedon
Andy Warhol, 1969