WATCHINGSUMMER 2006                                                                                                                                       ISSUE 7


                                                                       By Dreama


     The first time I heard the name Chris Isaak I was waiting to watch Dwight Yoakam on a VH1 show called “Country on the Fringe.”  It aired around 1991 and featured other artists who crossed the country borders such as k.d. lang, The Wagoneers, and Marty Stewart.  Though Dwight and Marty remained in country Chris ventured out, along with k.d. who was shoved, and the Wagoneers who seemed to completely disappear.

     Isaak’s first album “Heart Shaped World” didn’t sound country to me, though, combined with his Hank Williams howl, troubled James Dean eyes and greasy Elvis duck tail he very much had a 50's unrefined style.  Oddly, his sound was considered alternative and was found more often on cd101 than k95.  I told Bowie to hang on a minute and stopped to watch the sexy crooner...


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