ARTSUMMER 2006                                                                                                                                       ISSUE 7


Photo by VSGal



When I did the RED issue I started some kind of trend in my life, it was not a big one and not even noticeable to the outside eye.   But, if you look in my closet today; a closet that before The RED Issue never housed RED you will see the trend.  You will see the trend on my dresser and you will see the trend on my shoes.  Red candles, a red vase, things with red hearts, coats, tops, lingerie, jewelry, these were the gifts I received.  Red, indeed was the color.  

But, that was then and this is BLUE.  When showcasing a color it is easy to fall in love with that color and I have already began purchasing my own blue inspiration and am well stocked for the days to come.   Please, enjoy the following blue objects and be sure to send us your own.


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